Download Whatsapp Watusi iOS 2019 Latest (iPhone/iPad) No Jailbreak

WhatsApp Watusi iOS is a powerful mod for popular messaging applications that adds many useful features including dark mode, hide past time that is visible, protect chat with a password, and more. Download and install the WhatsApp Watusi IPA without a desktop on any iOS device.

What is WhatsApp Watusi?

Watusi provides the best customization for WhatsApp Messanger on iPhone, iPad or iPod. Using tweaks you can hide read receipts, remove status character restrictions (256 characters), change font size and color, delete typing indicators, record calls, or adjust the WhatsApp interface. Also, adjust and crop a profile picture, use borderless pictures to send chats and avoid accidental calls.

WhatsApp Watusi iOS is packed with many useful add-ons such as call recorder and internal voice messages, see the date of change in contact status, your favorite chat pin above, chat lock in the archive, show all groups on one page, add confirmations to the call button, open the link in the In-app browser.

Watusi also offers options to view profile pictures of group members in chat, open contact pictures on tap cell pictures, replace alerts as read swipes with contact info, swipe long left to delete chats, open new chats using phone numbers, and select all contacts when creating broadcast.

Features of WhatsApp Watusi for iOS

WhatsApp Watusi is your favorite WhatsApp’s modified version. Now, this is available on your iOS device with many interesting features to give you a completely new experience. Given below are some of the unique features of this application.

  1. You can set a password for the application, which allows you to hide chat.
  2. This application also allows you to disable receipts, read and type.
  3. You can customize the appearance of the application. The theme, font size, style and color can be changed according to your wishes.
  4. There are no restrictions when sending media content to others. You can share a number of photos with your contacts.
  5. This application won’t even show that you are online unless you want to share your online status.

These are some of the features that make it the best messaging application for your iOS. So what are you waiting for? Please and download WhatsApp Watusi for iOS.

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How to Download WhatsApp Watusi For iOS using TweakBox

If you want to get WhatsApp Watusi on iOS safely and without jailbreak, then the best option is to download it from TweakBox. You can find any application that is not available in Apple’s application store using this amazing application installer. Follow the steps below to easily get WhatsApp Watusi for iOS.

  1. First, you must install TweakBox on iOS. This link will help you install it on your device now. Open the link using the Safari browser and click on the Install option that you find on the home page.
  2. When finished, open Settings and tap the Device Profile & Management option. Activate the Trust TweakBox option from the list that appears.
  3. TweakBox is ready to use. Open and search for WhatsApp Watusi. This application will be displayed among the results.
  4. Under the application icon, you will find the description and the Install option. Click on it and click again on Install from the confirmation window.
  5. The download process will begin. When finished, open Settings and tap on Device Profile & Management. Trust this and you’re done with WhatsApp Watusi!

Now you can enjoy sending messages like never before using WhatsApp Watusi for iOS. If you have questions, please contact us in the comments below.

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