Gearboy for iOS Download (iPhone/iPad)

If you want to get Download GearBoy for iOS 12 + / 11 + / 10 + and also want to get GearBoy install on your iPhone / iPad without jailbreaking, then you are in the right place.

This article is intended for people who are looking for emulators that emulate the Game Boy game. Yes, Gear Boy Emulator emulates the free Game Boy game without jailbreaking. At the moment Apple AppStore and Cydia are not needed to mimic the experience on your iPhone / iPad, just download GearBoy Emulator for iOS 12+, 11+, 10+, on an iPhone / iPad that is also without Jailbreak.

Gearboy for iOS

If you are a GameBoy game lover, then you must install GearBoy Emulator to emulate the GameBoy game on your iDevices. I think without this Gear Boy emulator you can’t play GameBoy games directly on your iPhone / iPad because of Apple’s security issues and Apple’s policy against emulation that emulates games, so I think you understand what I’m saying now. You can’t run GameBoy games on iDevices, so Download & Install GearBoy Emulator for iOS on iPhone / iPad No Jailbreak.

What is GearBoy Emulator?

GearBoy is an Advanced GameBoy and GameBoy Color Emulator that emulates all Nintendo GameBoy games that bring your childhood memories back by allowing you to Download and play all Nintendo Games. This GearBoy emulator emulates game instructions, timing, and LCD controls that are accurate, moreover it is able to save your game at any time when the game suddenly stops.

This GearBoy Emulator is the original Emulator for the Gameboy and Gameboy Color emulators. This emulator was developed by Ignacio Sanchez who is an original developer who helps more iDevice users to help their childhood memory return with Nintendo games. This emulator supports all operating systems like iOS, Windows, Linux, macOS, Raspberry Pi. Let’s read more to know about all these Gear Boy Emulators.

Features of GearBoy Emulator

  • Competition is very accurate
  • Emulation for LCD controllers
  • Sound emulation
  • Support for GBA and GBC games
  • Mix Frames – LCD ghosting from Gameboy is emulated
  • Support for compressed ROM
  • No need to jailbreak
  • Easy to use
  • Completely free

Download GearBoy Using the TweakBox App

Step 1) Unlock your iPhone / iPad and then open the Safari browser and download the TweakBox App from the link below.

Tweakbox app

Step 2) Now open TweakBox on your iDevices and then navigate to the Applications section.

Step 3) In the Applications section, there you can see various types of categories such as Flash Applications, AppStore Applications, TweakBox Applications, and Tweaked Applications, etc.

Step 4) Click on the TweakBox Application, there you can see tons of app.

Step 5) Here look for GearBoy Emulator if you find it click to Download.

Step 6) After Clicking on the Gear Boy Emulator you will get a pop-up like wanting to install Gear Boy, ignore it all, tap the Install option.

Step 7) Now navigate to the Home screen where you can see the GearBoy Emulator was successfully installed without errors I think.

Let us know if you have a problem installing the gear boy emulator and what you think of gear boy in the comments section below.

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