ftOS App for iOS 12 (iPhone/iPad) no Jailbreak

FtOS App for iOS is a 3rd party iOS app installer which is an alternative to Cydia. You can directly download the FTOS application on your iPhone or iPad without having to jailbreak. You can also jailbreak your device using the FtOS application on supported firmware.

This is completely FREE. Read on for all the details.

What is the ftOS App for iOS?

The Ftos application for iOS is one of the very popular third-party application stores for iOS devices. Actually, this is a Vietnamese Language Application store but there you can also see the English Version for Free download. Basically, this Installer runs on Web-Based Resources and Allows Users to Download the Cydia Premium Application from it without Jailbreak.

Even though this is an Open Source application store, that means you can download any application from it without an Apple ID / Password and Jailbreak as well as a Free Complete Installed Application from the Apple Revokes team.

When it comes to Alternative Cydia you can find several App stores for iOS devices, but, after the official revocation of TutuApp, the ftos development team releases the latest version with some great features like theme changes, regular application updates, you can find out more features under the section.

Features on ftOS

  1. Here you can download great Expert Speed even slow Internet connectivity.
  2. ftOS Offers Paid Tweaks and Hack Games for their Installers for Free.
  3. The Download and Install process is very easy and doesn’t require a jailbreak to install.
  4. The best alternative to the Cydia store and the Official Apple store for Tweaks Download.
  5. User friendly application with Clean UI.
  6. Alternative to TutuApp.
  7. No need to jailbreak your iDevices to get ftOS English Install.
  8. You can find out the specifications of any application before downloading, which means this application provides all specifications about the application.
  9. Error and bug free.
  10. Many Tweak, Hacked and Paid applications are all free.

Install ftOS For iOS 12 Without Jailbreak

Step 1) Unlock your iDevices and click the Download link below to download the ftOS application on your iPhone / iPad.


Step 2) Now click the Install Profile button to navigate automatically to the Install Profile page.

Click Install ftOS App for iOS

Step 3) Here you will go to the warning page where you can see all the application warning details, ignore them all. Tap Install in the upper right corner.

Tap Install ftOS App

Step 4) Wait a few more moments to complete the installation process, then click Finish.

Click done ftOS for iOS

Step 5) Enough, friend, open the home screen and open ftOS to get a free paid app.

Final Words

We can find several applications that work with other stores to get the application tweaked. But it is important for you to know whether those shops will allow you to download paid applications for free or without jailbreak. However, when it comes to the ftOS app, you can easily take ftOS for iOS, download ftOS for iOS without interruption. If you are looking for the respective steps to be followed, then you can check the steps given above and the matters relating to ftOS before installing.

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